Weekly Reminders

Kindergarten is very exciting and can be very busy!

Please check this link often to ensure that you are ready for the week ahead.

Monday, October 16th:*Structure at recess.
-Show and Tell: Emily presents today!
-We have Library class today. Last week's books must be returned today. Mme Cox (librarian) will read us a story and then we will choose 1 book to bring home!

Tuesday, October 17th:*No structure at recess.
-Show and Tell: Bently presents today!
-Our Grade 4/5 buddies will be spending time with us after recess!

Wednesday, October 18th:*Structure at recess.
*Madame is attending a Kindergarten Professional Development session this morning. There will be a substitute teacher in our classroom.
-Show and Tell: Emma presents today!
-Students have Music after recess.

Thursday, October 19th:*No structure at recess. 
-Show and Tell: Rejji presents today!
-Students have Phys.Ed after recess.
-Your child will be bringing home their special "Ask me to..." folder with a task to complete this weekend!

Friday, October 20th:    Inservice Day - No school!

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