Sign-up Reminders

This page reminds parents of...

1. what they have signed up to bring (i.e. play dough)

2. when they should bring that item (i.e. April)

Please check this page once in while to remember your items/dates.

Play dough (these colours are only suggestions, please feel free to send what you wish):

September: red & yellow   Rejji

October: orange & black   Ian

November: brown & grey   Josh

December: red & green   Lincoln

January: blue & white   Aspen 

February: pink & purple   Cadie 

March: green & white   Bently 

April: green & purple   Emma 

May: pink & yellow   Jake

June: blue & green   Brayden

Class Parties:

Hallowe'en Party - Tuesday, October 31st:
100% juice boxes - Rejji 
Crackers & Cheese - Bently
Veggie Plate - Emily
Fruit Plate - Ian
Sweet Treat - Marcus

Winter Holidays/Christmas Party - Friday, December 22nd:
100% juice boxes - Lincoln
Crackers & Cheese - Sam
Veggie Plate - ?
Fruit Plate - Emma
Sweet Treat - Josh

Valentine's Day Party - Wednesday, February 14th:
100% juice boxes - Einin
Crackers & Cheese - Emily
Veggie Plate - Elizabeth
Fruit Plate - Andrew
Sweet Treat - Aspen

Year End Party - Thursday, June 28th:
100% juice boxes - Cadie
Crackers & Cheese - Jake
Veggie Plate - Brayden
Fruit Plate - Aspen
Sweet Treat - Erika 

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