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December Kindergarten Newsletter

It is hard to believe that three months of school have gone by and that Christmas is getting near. During the month of December, we will be focusing on Christmas in our Kindergarten classroom. Please read ahead to find out what we will be doing during the next three weeks!

Students will be learning many different Christmas vocabulary words such as:
-un arbre de Noël (Christmas tree)
-un bas de Noël (stocking)
-Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas)
-le Père Noël (Santa Claus)
-un lutin (elf)
-un renne (reindeer)
-une canne de Noël (candy cane)
-un cadeau (present)
-une étoile (star)
-un ange (angel)
-une couronne (wreath)
-un bonhomme de pain d’épice (gingerbread man)

We will be singing Christmas songs, playing games, reading stories, making crafts, etc. to reinforce this vocabulary.

Alphabet letter  identification
We continue to work on identifying the letters of the alphabet in French, the sound each letter makes and finding objects that begin with each letter. Continued practice/review of letters and sounds at home would be helpful as well.

Show and Tell (Montre et raconte):
We will be taking a break from Show and Tell this month.

During the month of December, students will participate in activities that involve counting, patterning, and making sense of numbers. We will be working on different ways to represent numbers such as 5 can be represented by 2 and 3, 1 and 4, 0 and 5. Students will continue to work on the concept of less, more and equal to. We have been and will continue to work on “subitizing” which is being able to recognize a group of objects without counting such as the dots on a die or on a domino.

Students will create a Christmas tree by mixing blue and yellow paint and then will decorate it. The concept of comparing light and dark colours will also be covered this month.

Winter clothing:
Please ensure to label your child’s winter clothing including boots, tuques, mittens, jackets and ski pants. Many boots and ski pants look alike so please take the time to print your child’s name so that all items of clothing go home with the right child at the end of the day.

Class party – Friday, December 22nd:
We will be celebrating our Winter/Christmas party on the last day of school before the Winter break. Please check “sign-up reminders” section of the blog to see if you have signed up to bring a snack on that day.


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