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September was a busy and exciting month in our classroom! The students are very keen on learning French and it’s already amazing to see their progress since school started. Thank you for helping your child at home by completing the Ask Me To booklet and writing down your comments.
Here is a look at the month ahead:

Next  week we will begin our autumn theme. We will discuss the season of autumn and learn about trees. We will sing autumn songs, read French stories, sort and classify, make patterns, etc.

Show and Tell:
We will begin Show and Tell this month. Each child will be asked to bring one item from home to share with the class. These items will be used to expand your child’s growing French vocabulary. They will be learning (in French) the name of the items, the letter it starts with as well as the sound it makes, the different sizes, textures, colours, whether it is small, medium, large, long, short, heavy, light and fragile. This is a very exciting experience for your child and it is chock-full of learning opportunities for us as a class, so please help them and us by checking the calendar for the day your child will need to bring his or her Show and Tell item. I will also post the info under the “weekly reminders” section of our blog.

The Integrated Arts:
Next month our class will have a special visitor in our classroom. Daina Leitold is a dancer who will be working with the Kinders to explore trees, as related to our Science curriculum. We look forward to learning with Daina!

Thank you for sending healthy snacks! The students are enjoying their fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, juice, water, milk, etc.

Craft center:
Our craft center is up and running. This center will enable children to be creative while improving their fine motor skills by cutting and pasting. Please send in any supplies such as small material pieces, yarn, gift wrap, buttons, milk jug lids, film containers, small boxes (i.e. toothpaste boxes, etc.) and anything else that you might have at home that can be used to make and create.

Scholastic book orders:
Scholastic book orders are due Friday, October 13th. Please make your cheques payable to Scholastics (no cash).

At home:
You may help your child at home by having him/her:

-practice tying shoelaces and zipping up jackets
-practice cutting with scissors
-review the colours in French
-count to 10 or higher in French
-identify the numbers 0-5 in random order/isolation in French
-play games using dice or cards
-explore patterns using items in your home (i.e. blue lego, red lego, blue lego…)

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at

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